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The Book

"Catching Fred" - The story of a wild New Zealand Station horse learning about humans. 


Follow this young horse as his life changes from running free with the herd on a big station to being a confident, keen riding horse accepting everything he needs to know to begin his life in the dressage and jumping world. Experience his journey as he leans about round-penning, lunging, driving, accepting the saddle and going out and about.

'"Catching Fred" is the most realistic recounting of the early interaction between horse and two legged that I've seen printed. No idealization just the way things are, warts and all! Very different from the "staged" arena type presentation, Cath's book is more like the story of our ancestors initial encounter with equines, but with centuries, even millennia of horse knowledge cranked into the equation by a horsewoman who has learned from the masters.'                   

                                      Glenn Cochran - Professional Horse Trainer, Texas USA.

'As a trainer "Catching Fred" so consumed me. I could clearly see and feel, and move easily from the point of view of the horse (Fred) to the point of view of the trainer (Cath) as though I was there. One could possibly offer to train a horse for the first time should they go where at least I found myself; completely immersed in exactly the way it actually goes.'

                                   Kim Collie - Horse Trainer and Farrier, Boerne Texas USA.

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