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Groundwork is an important tool to help the horse develop to his best athletic ability.


In Mind & Body Groundwork lessons you will learn skills to work through any issues you have. Cath will take you through exercises to keep your horse's attention and enthusiasm while you desensitize and sensitize him.
Mind & Body Groundwork can include halter work, long-reining and lunging. Cath uses a lot of transitions, lateral work and various obstacles to create a happy, forward-moving horse who is balanced, round, bending correctly and working softly. Basics that will be covered include instinctive behaviour and learned behaviour patterns, how to put the horse in the right 'frame of mind' to work with you, and how to gain respect from your horse and be the leader he wants you to be.


Round Pen & Liberty  

Round pen and liberty training is a good test of how much your horse really knows.


It can help him to overcome any fears causing problems for you both.
Round pen and liberty training is ideal for starting an untouched horse, or to improve  communication with an older horse.
Through body language and awareness of both yourself and the horse learn how your horse begins to understand the requirements of his life as a domesticated animal.
The finer details really show you just how much your horse accepts what you ask of him, his confidence in his own knowledge and that he is eager to trust you with every new aspect of his schooling.


Watch Cath Work

Video taken on Cath's first visit to Finland in 2009. 

Working with her friend Vuokko's little Finnish bred mare Jeverina, this video shows some of the work Cath likes to go over with horses of any age. Focusing on relaxation and calmness, while looking for softness as the horse learns to balance through lateral work and transitions.




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